Electrolyte Infused Hard Seltzer

Made with real fruit juice and electrolytes so you can live your best life today and tomorrow.

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The flavor will keep bringing you back

Pushing the technological boundaries of what’s possible in a can: carbonation + fresh squeezed juice + alcohol + shelf stable. Real ingredients (no “natural flavors”!): created to be a hard seltzer with superior taste. Anti-bad feelings, quicker to bounce back, fights dehydration. All without affecting the taste and experience of a good drink.

  • Real Juice

    Fruit has calories. Almost every seltzer found on shelves will have exactly 100 calories, that's how you know its FAKE! 97 calories come from alcohol, and the other 3 calories will be from chemicals and sugar.

    KAZI uses real fruit, meaning our calorie count is slightly higher, but KAZI is natural and tastes real!

  • Infused with electrolytes

    We've all experienced a bad hangover, and the leading cause for this is dehydration. Some take the extra step to consume electrolytes to improve their hydration, but common electrolyte drinks aren't meant for alcohol dehydration. KAZI's electrolyte blend is meticulously crafted for the drinker, and will allow you to enjoy today as well as tomorrow.